What are the protection methods for transformers?


The transformer also plays an important role in the ope […]

The transformer also plays an important role in the operation. For the operation of the transformer, it is mainly used for operation and protection. The transformer should pay special attention to the protection, so that the various performances of the transformer will be more guaranteed. There are many problems that should be paid attention to when protecting transformers. How to protect transformers when they are running? This is a relatively important issue. What should be paid attention to when protecting transformers?

Different ways of protecting the transformer are mainly based on the main features of different environments to protect the transformer. Different transformers can be selected for the transformer. In normal cases, the ip20 has more protective casings. The outer casing of this material can be effectively used. The prevention of foreign objects and solids larger than 12mm in diameter, compared with the entry of small animals such as snakes, birds, cats and rats, causing a short circuit of the transformer or a relatively malignant failure such as direct power failure, providing a safe protective barrier for the charged part. If the transformer must be installed outdoors, the ip23 housing can be used for protection, because this housing not only has all the functions of the ip20, but also prevents the entry of water droplets, but the ip23 protective housing has the disadvantage that it will be reduced. The ability of the transformer to cool, so we must carefully consider when choosing. The protective measures of the transformer are more important. The protection measures for the transformer must be started from the above several situations. In this case, the performance of the transformer will be more exerted, and various functions will be more played out. For more information about transformers, please consult our manufacturers or consult our technical staff!

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